photos from customers

Architectural decor for the University of Arkansas Student Success Center. Below you can see photos of building, and images of some pieces, that were digitally sculpted and modeled for this project. These were Cartouches, Finials, Foliated panels, Bosses, Piers, and other facade decorations. All the elements were created in ZBrush, and other programs, and then carved out of limestone using a 7-axis robot. At the end the reliefs were finalized with hand tool. Only a part of the decorative elements related to this project is published in the post. A bit more pictures are available on our site under the tag “University of Arkansas”.

3D model was sculpted by Dmitriy Beresnev according to client’s layout, and then milled out of limestone on the customer’s side using a 7 axis robot. The piece was finished by hand tool, and decorate facade of University of Arkansas Student Success Center. Below are renders of 3D model and photos of manufactured high relief.

3D Bas-relief portrait by photo for CNC stone carving machine. 3D model and photo of carvings from the customer.

The bust was digitally sculpted on the basis of several photos, then 3D printed, molded and cast in bronze. The small copy is a plastic.

Bas-relief portraits by photo. Diameter of each is 25 cm. Both were digitally sculpted by me, and then 3D printed and cast by my customer.

Photos from the customer.

This cow sculpture was digitally modeled by Dmitriy Beresnev. According to customer’s request the 3D model incorporated important features of seven different dairy cows breeds. We had to sculpt legs a some more thick, because steel rods was engineered inside them to hold up the massive weight of sculpture. When the sculpting was finished, 3D model was agreed with the customer. And after last amendments sculpture was milled out of stone with 7-axis robot. The manufacturer used deeply veined brown stone called Mahogany from the Dakota. Sculpture was installed in Madison, Wisconsin.

This portrait bust was sculpted in ZBrush by several photos, then 3D printed and cast in bronze. Below are the photos of manufactured bust.