The bust of scientist Maria Sklodowska-Curie was sculpted in 3D for further manufacturing out of marble with CNC, or robotic carving. The project was completed in 2016. Busts of Isaac Newton and Johannes Kepler were also created as part of the project. All busts were manufactured by the customer. Below is a visualisation of Curie bust.

Portrait bust of Marie Curie
Curie, 3D bust

Architectural decor for the University of Arkansas Student Success Center. Below you can see photos of building, and images of some pieces, that were digitally sculpted and modeled for this project. These were Cartouches, Finials, Foliated panels, Bosses, Piers, and other facade decorations. All the elements were created in ZBrush, and other programs, and then carved out of limestone using a 7-axis robot. At the end the reliefs were finalized with hand tool. Only a part of the decorative elements related to this project is published in the post. A bit more pictures are available on our site under the tag “University of Arkansas”.

3D visualization of Clive Staples Lewis bust. Clive Lewis is an English writer, author of famous “The Chronicles of Narnia”, “Balamut’s Letters”, and other books in the genre of Christian apologetics, fantasy, and science fiction.